The GHOST - Covert True-PTZ Camera
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The GHOST - outdoor covert camera
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The GHOST Video surveillance camera


  • Light weight, less than 5 pounds, and rugged, four-point suspension pan-tilt movement

  • Digital, IP-based wireless: cellular, satellite, and Cyber-invisible

  • Use external AC/DC power supply, rechargeable battery, or small solar power system

  • Ultra low bandwidth saves 250 GB/month and operates with congested, damaged networks

  • Many time-saving features developed by years of experience working with law enforcement

  • Continuous internal, dual-stream recording at 960x540 and 1920x1080 simultaneously with rapid-access video file system

  • Rapid Review™ / Integrated Time-Lapse view an hour in just 30 sec. over the air with pix every 15 sec. and no external server or software (opt.)

  • Does things better because it uses our own camera, pan-tilt, software and patents, not others' IP-cameras and video recorders

  • Stranger Detector™ Smartphone WiFi-Monitoring Locating System (opt), also integrates with wireless access control devices

  • Smallest, least conspicuous, lowest power, lowest bandwidth, most rugged, outdoor, covert cellular HD true-PTZ camera system

  • Ruggedly custom built and fully preconfigured, ready and easy to use, no external video recorder, IT dept. or camera specialist required

  • Inconspicuous -- smallest covert window and outdoor housing for a true PTZ camera system

  • True motorized, remotely controlled PTZ camera with +/- tilt for use high or low.

  • Outdoor covert, pole cameras, pole cams, ground models and embeddable cameras

  • Very low power, just 10% other PTZ systems, to 3+ weeks 24/7 on 120 AH 12V LiFePO4 battery

  • No tell-tale Danger High Voltage sign or light-losing, easily scratched, large dark window

  • 3W to 4W power dissipation typ., not the usual 25W, with sleep modes for even lower power.

  • High definition, sharp 1920x1080, read auto-mobile license plate up to 450 ft @ 4 dpi