What We Feature

The Heimdall company is an outlet to state of the art, surveillance equipment. We are focused and committed to seeking out best in breed technology and equipment for law enforcement, government agencies, housing authorities, educational institutions, and the military.

We feature such technology as plug & play security camera surveillance systems that can be deployed anywhere in the world then transmit live video just minutes after connecting to power. With its ULTRA High-Definition cameras and an internal self-management system, the GHOST is able to see hundreds of feet in 360° at all times: live and up to 20+ days in the past. A user can actually zoom into a person’s face or a license plate from dozens of yards away.


Multiple designated users are able to access the forensic quality video from a secure connection anywhere in the world via the GHOST internal mainframe hard drive. The GHOST operates on the iron clad Verizon and FirstNet networks, a hard-wired networked system, or simply connected to the Internet. The GHOST can transmit video from its location to the user on wired or wireless connection. The user can also receive the video on a variety of devices such as desktop computers, patrol car laptops or any smart device. That’s right… live video from any area of the city on your phone.