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seeking out best in breed technology and equipment for law enforcement, government agencies, housing authorities, educational institutions,

and the military.

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The GHOST™ has just received its 25th U.S. Patent on the 17th of July, 2019 for its Forward-Pivot Pan-Tilt Mechanism. This unparalleled feature is the heart of our ultra low power, outdoor covert true-PTZ camera system. It enables, The GHOST™, to have a small covert camera window while having large pan and tilt movement. It also reduces system size and power consumption, and further makes the system the most rugged covert surveillance camera on the market.

August 2019 Update 

We are now a proud partner in the Costars Program of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and a certified SBE minority-owned company in the state of New Jersey. 

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's cooperative purchasing program
Small Business Enterprise Certified Minority Business
COSTARS-040-027 Security and Surveillance Systems and Fire Alarm Systems, Equipment, Products, and Services



The world’s lowest power, lowest bandwidth, least-conspicuous, smallest, rugged, outdoor, covert, cellular, true-PTZ camera system.



  • Providing weeks of run time instead of days on a given battery charge unlike that of our competitors, The GHOST has a 12V 125 AH lithium battery, #2 gives about 4 weeks run time, while #3 gives about 2 weeks. 

  • It's ideal for rapid deployment, frequently moved, and battery- and solar-powered, outdoor covert video surveillance.

  • It acquires sharp, 1920x1080 video continuously for up to a month on a single charge of an external 12V 125AH LiFePO4 battery, rather than just a few days

  • It uses merely 1/10 the power and is just 1/10 the size of other systems. Its covert window is just 1" diameter.

Camera Footage from The Ghost
Rhombus R! and Rhombus R2 Surveillance Cameras
About Rhombus Systems
Rhombus Systems provides next-generation video security for modern enterprises, organizations, and partners around the world. Powered by the latest in AI and computer vision, Rhombus Systems unlocks a suite of powerful video security features including – cloud-management, facial recognition, people analytics, and seamless IT integrations. With this innovative approach, Rhombus makes video security more intelligent, affordable, and easier to manage compared to traditional options. Backed by Lemnos Labs and Promus Ventures, Rhombus Systems connects our physical world with the digital to better understand and protect our spaces. Whether a housing authority, civil service, municipal facility, educational institution, or a private corporate entity Rhombus can provide easy, affordable and state of the art surveillance technology. 

Feature highlights of Rhombus include:
  • Rhombus AI and Computer Vision for advanced facial recognition, people counting and analytics, and custom alerts.
  • Plug-and-play cameras that can be setup, taken down, and moved in a matter of minutes for unique scalability and flexibility compared to existing options
  • Cloud management, allowing users to securely access their system through a single console from any computer or mobile device
  • End-to-end encryption for enterprise-grade system security
  • Automatic firmware updates to ensure the system is kept up to date with the newest technology
  • IT Integrations with an organization’s technology stack, such as single sign-on (SSO), Office 365, and Slack
Rhombus Surveillance Sysems for Governmen, Corporate, and Municipalities


Heimdall Company Story

An original equipment manufacturer of ultra-low bandwidth, low power, IP-based, outdoor covert digital video surveillance systems for wireless wide area networks, with a focus on cellular networks. The Heimdall offers the GHOST™ which allows for practical use of 3G, 3.5G, 4G LTE, cellular, satellite and WiFi for wireless high definition, IP-based, outdoor digital video surveillance. This product was developed by Boundless which was founded in 2003 and builds its products in America.

We are also proud to offer Rhombus Systems surveillance technology that is best suited for housing authorities, office administration, utility facilities, municipal facilities, educational institution, or a private corporate entity Rhombus can provide easy, low maintenance, affordable and state of the art surveillance technology. 

The Heimdall is located in three locations; historic Lawnside, NJ; Haddon Township, NJ; and Scottsdale, AZ. The company is a privately held, minority-owned and proudly American business.

The Heimdall's products are based in many years of tried and trusted experience in digital video, high-reliability systems, computer architecture, mass-storage, real-time operating systems, Internet protocols, large-scale telecommunications systems, biometrics, optics, human factors, and physical security.




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